Nina Update

Nina 6-29-14

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Nina dental

This is the update of Nina, the black mother cat saved from Putnam animal control, with a 4 wk old baby boy, Ninja. They arrived here at Whispurring Woods on May 14th 2014 with upper respiratory infections.  They were treated the next day by Oak Ridge Animal hospital, Dr. Jan Garrs in Ocala, Fl. Nina always had an issue with her tongue hanging out and drooling. When I took her to be spayed, microchipped and get all her shots I asked that they check her jaw and tongue while she was under so we could find out what the issue was. Unfortunately it was a disease, and the only cure was to remove all her teeth except for the canines. The teeth roots were killed off by pockets of puss and infection that she has suffered from for some time. She had gingivitis as well and the swelling and pain made it impossible for her to keep her tongue in her mouth and the pain caused the drooling. She was treated by Ocala Square Animal Clinic, Dr. Lydia Albano Ocala, Fl. She is now recovering nicely and finally after years of suffering, pain free and infection free. She will be available for adoption once recovery is complete. If she is not adopted, she will remain here at Whispurring Woods for the duration of her life.