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Kitty Kabin Has Arrived!! Cute Kittens ~ Adopt Me

Small grassroots animal rescue in Ocala Florida. Saving lives and TNR of feral cats as well. Kittens and cats available for adoption. Come find your new best friend.

I have been very busy here at Whispurring Woods the past couple of months. Not only caring for all the little lives rescued from Craigslist ad, feral babies brought in to tame so they can have real lives and trapping, neutering and releasing ferals so we can curb the population.

I have bought them their own little Cabin to live in and it is still a work in progress as I insulate, drywall and then create a living environment that will be geared to their needs and entertainment. So excited to have this on the property now!

If you care to help with the cost of insulation, drywall, cat wall shelves, scratching posts and other items they need to make it home, please visit the donation page.

We also need volunteers to come and play and love on the babies. You can contact us for details. Kittens are fully vetted and ready for adoption. Spayed, neutered, all shots and microchipped. All ages available so if a tiny energetic kitty is too much for you to handle, perhaps a young juvenile or adult will better suit your needs and family life. They are raised with hands on care, no cages and used to kids and a dog. All the expensive vet work is already done for you and the adoption fee is only 35.00, unless it is a Siamese or other pure breed.

Nothing is easier to have for a pet than a cat or kitten. You don’t have to walk them, they are happy to chill on your lap, chase a toy, and entertain you with their antics. Get 2 and see how much they make you laugh and smile.




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