Trap Neuter Release Community Program needs donations

I trapped these cats that are living in a busy warehouse parking lot. There were kittens I intended to trap and tame to have real lives, but idiots ran over them for entertainment. Please help me cover the cost of spaying and neutering the 6 adults I trapped so that no more babies have to suffer such a terrible fate. Help stop the overpopulation and senseless killing of these innocent animals.

6 ferals are getting spayed and neutered this morning, 11/6/14. We need donations to help cover the costs. You can donate thru our link here, or paypal or call the vet and make a donation. 352-694-3631 and speak with Stephanie for the Karin Ahrman, Whispurring Woods account.

 Thank you Dr Albano !  Ocala square animal clinic



1 to catch


A 6 pack


A TNR today


A trap 2


A trap 3


A Vet