Meet Wyatt, a 12 year old owner surrender to Orange County Animal Services. Left to die, after years of obvious neglect. 5 lbs when Whispurring Woods Rescued him. Another senior cat near death. How do you ignore their health, how do you not see he needs help, how do ABANDON him in his golden years, to be PTS by strangers??? Starved, infested with fleas, worms and every parasite known to animals. A big Mainecoon that should have weighed 20 lbs, a mere 5 lbs. His mouth was so infected he couldn’t eat. Rotten teeth we had to pull. A growth on his inner left cheek that we are monitoring. His new life began here 2/24/27. Today is 4/28/17 ~ Wyatt beat the odds. Thanks to #TeamWyatt #TeamCatMojo *****♡♡♡♡On a happier note, Wyatt is now our Mascot for the rescue. He is NOT available for adoption. He is recovering nicely and amazes me every day. He likes strutting his stuff at Petsmart, well dresses and on a leash. Strolls by the dogs like they’re not even there. He is the most loving, affectionate and smart feline I have ever met in over 50 yrs.